Poster Exhibition

2-3 MAY | 11:00 – 16:00

Discover leading edge academic research from your peers!

Students from the University of Bristol and Swansea University will showcase their research in Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering.
Support your peers and discover the latest emerging research.
Join us! Registration is free for students. 


  • Quantifying CF4 Emissions Using Top Down and Bottom Up Approaches    
      University of Bristol   
  • Greenhouse Gas Measurements Using the Medusa-GCMS
    University of Bristol  
  • Silicon Microneedles – the Sharper Approach to Drug Delivery    
    Olivia Howells, Swansea University  
  • Semiconductor Devices for Biosensing
    Jack Matthews, Swansea University  
  • CVD Diamond Group
    James Smith, University of Bristol      
  • ADX - High Purity Synthetic Diamond
    James Smith, University of Bristol
  • A New Platform for Surface Analysis    
    Neil Fox, University of Bristol
  • Diamond Beta-Voltaic Battery: A Long Life, Micro, Nano Power Source
    Neil Fox, University of Bristol
  • Compound Semiconductors for Solar Energy Conversion: Photovoltaics & Photocatalysis
    David Fermin, University of Bristol
  • Materials for Sustainable Catalysis: Oxygen Electrocatalysis and CO2 Reduction
    David Fermin, University of Bristol


How to attend?

Simply register for the event for free and pass by to get inspired!

Have a look at this year full program HERE  
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