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The SEMI Talent Forum will be held from May 2nd to 3rd for approximately 1,000 university students to learn about the industry and how technology is impacting the global workforce. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in mentoring sessions and meet with representatives from leading companies.

The forum is a great opportunity to promote your company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, and address the growing challenge of onboarding talent within the semiconductor industry.

Join us in Bristol to explore these issues, and support SEMI’s global efforts to raise awareness and increase interest in the semiconductor industry. Please contact us to become a sponsor!


Cassandra Melvin
Tel: +49 30 3030 8077 10 
E-Mail: cmelvin@semi.org 

Miri Käsler
Tel: +49 30 3030 8077 12 
E-Mail: mkaesler@semi.org


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