Why Attend

Why Attend


2-5 May 2019 I Bristol, UK 

Connecting the industry with exceptional talent!

The SEMI Talent Forum will be held from May 2nd to 3rd for university students to learn about the industry and how technology is impacting the global workforce. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in mentoring sessions and meet with representatives from leading companies.

The SEMI Talent Forum promotes diversity and inclusion initiatives, and addresses the growing challenge of onboarding talent within the semiconductor industry.

Key Topics:

  • Global Challenges
  • Innovation & Enterprise
  • Global Citizenship
  • Living with Data
  • Business & Economy
  • Environmental Change
  • Technology

Download the event flyer!

  Student’s Union, Richmond Building, 105 Queens Rd, Bristol BS8 1LN, UK


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Microprocessors – enabled by semiconductors – are  the brains of all modern services and products! They have the ability to make billions of computations per second and store vast quantities of data. They are an essential component of electronic devices, making breakthroughs possible in communications, transportation, clean energy, and so much more. It’s because of their incredible processing power that we have smartphones, computers, video games, cloud storage, space travel, and advanced medical equipment.


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